Counter Strike Competitive Play

Counter Strike Competitive Play

What’s a competitive game mode?

The Competitive (“MatchMaking” or “MM”) is a mode of play proposed by Counter Strike Global Offensive, where two teams oppose each other. The competitive offers players a game mode with objective (laying or defusing bombs or releasing hostages)

The competitor like the Casual starts with a warm Up while the two teams of 5 players fill up. If a player is not connected, the game will be canceled, but if the player connects and then disconnects, the game will start, and the player will be temporarily banned from competing servers.

The player will start with his team’s secondary weapon (USP-S / P2000 for the Anti-terrorists or Glock-18 for the terrorists) and $ 800 as in the Casual; a competitive kill will not operate any weapon change on the player and the points gained by the Dead is not the key to victory. Each kill would give the player a dollar sum ( variable value depending on the weapon ) so that he can buy a weapon with which he is more comfortable in the next round, or buy back his equipment if he died in the previous round. (The money is blocked at $ 16,000 ) unlike the Casual game mode, the Kevlar + helmet are not automatically put on players and Anti-terrorists must buy the defusing kit ($400) so the objectives are the bomb or hostages, but also the management of his money to never end up on multiple rounds with weapons unsuitable for the situation / that the player does not like to play.

The game stops if a team votes to give up if a team reaches the score of 16 rounds won and if both teams finish at 15 rounds ( this is a draw, in French, a tie )

The differences between Casual and competitive?

Apart from the fact that the competitive one plays at 10 (5vs5) and that the Casual one plays at 20 ( 10 against 10 ) the competitive one has several other points unique compared to the other modes and in particular to the casual.

  • If a player leaves a game in competitive, he will then have 3 minutes (3 rounds) to reconnect otherwise he will receive a ban from matchmaking servers (competitive).
  • If a player commits too much suicide or kills too many teammates (3 kills leading from 100 to 0 or a total of 300 damage points distributed over the game even without killing an ally), he will receive a ban from matchmaking servers.
  • If a player kills a teammate directly after the respawn, regardless of the number of damage, he will receive a ban from the matchmaking servers.
  • If a player does not move (IL AFK) after a certain period, he will be expelled from the game and receive a ban of matchmaking servers.
  • If a player abuses too much of the kick system, he will receive a ban of matchmaking servers-if a player is considered cheater, he will be expelled from the game and receive a ban of matchmaking servers ( and a VAC ban).
  • If a player is new on the competitive, he will receive a ban of matchmaking servers to recalibrate his level De Jeu.

A ban on matchmaking servers is temporary; the duration is fixed. The level of banishment is lowered every week spent without problems. If you’re banned for 24 hours, you’ll have to wait three weeks before your next ban is only 30 minutes.

  • 1st ban – 30 minutes
  • 2nd ban – 2 hours
  • Third banishment-24 hours
  • 4th banishment-7 days

The second big difference with all other game modes is the fact that the competitive introduces the ” ranking “. A new player will have no rank and will have to pass ten wins before receiving one. Once the rank is assigned, each victory, defeat, and equality will affect the said rank, increasing or retrogressing it.

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