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Counterstrike Is The Best Way To Take Revenge

Counter-Strike (CS) is a multiplayer video game in which a group of terrorist conduct an act of terror such as bombing, hostage taking or killing and the counter-terrorist resist and prevents the acts by defusing the bomb rescuing the hostage, etc. The counter strike series began in 1999 on Windows for the first time. The right to the intellectual property of the game is with Valve Corporation. Counter strike involves a lot of esports betting from all over the world.

How Counter Strike Became The Top Game

Counterstrike remains the best game of all times since it has not changed much in a decades time since it is already so perfect in itself. Every match in this terrorist vs counter-terrorist game involves dedicated teamwork, skills, and strategies. There are neither any options for regenerating health nor any equipment unlock. Once you die, you remain dead until the next game begins. Even being dead, you can watch your fellow survivors rush for preventions of terror acts, and see them walk into an ambush. It is during this dead spectator’s phase that you can plan for the strategies for the next rounds. This game is no wonder a thrilling and engaging game for all age groups that has made its place in CS: GO tournaments. Once you feel tired of always playing games under pressure, and sometimes you want to relax with an exciting online casino game, then online slots are the best choice you can make. Whether you are a new or regular player, you can get free spin casino bonuses and try the slots for free without risking your own money.

Pro League Players And Esports Betting

Pro leagues are the professional CS: GO, league, that create esports rules and structures for players all over the world and where the uprising players of the north and Latin America, Europe, and Asia-pacific can play against pro players and win a grand prize pool of $2000000 yearly.

There are three teams which are further divided into groups. The teams are Europe, USA, and APAC or the Asia Pacific. Each team is divided into 4 groups A, B, C, D. Each group is further divided into four subgroups, which comprise of the players. For eg: group A of Europe may have four subgroups namely ex-space soldiers, mousesports,, and optic gaming. These subgroups further have a number of players in them. Once you get enough of eSports betting, playing poker is always a good idea. Every poker beginner should start training at the lowest level because that’s where you will find amateur poker players to improve your skills together. After that, you can join some popular clubs or associations, and always stay updated on the latest news on poker.

Betting on Counter-Strike CS: GO Tournaments

Best events of CS: GO Esports 2019 that are coming up:

  1. iBUYPOWER Masters IV

January 19–20, Los Angeles, California

Prize: $200,000

Teams: 8

  1. IEM Season XIII – Katowice Major 2019

February 14–March 3, Katowice, Poland

Prize: $1,000,000

Teams: 24

  1. Star series and i-League season 7

March 30–April 7, Shanghai, China

Prize: $500,000

Teams: 16

These tournaments attract a lot of esports betting. Esports betting can be conveniently conducted by legal casinos through mobile casino apps. Online casinos and sites offer a lot of casino bonus on betting. This casino bonus can be used to make real money. Don’t miss out on a chance to get yours today. Go to JeuxCasinoGratuit and receive a bonus you can use to place bets for free. This Belgium based online casino is one of the people’s favorite when it comes to esports options. Esports betting is slowly but surely becoming popular and it is an easy way to earn real money online.


Counterstrike is one of the most popular video games of all times. it is popular among all age groups due to to its adventurous nature and ease of satisfaction.

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