Counter Strike Tournaments

Tournament PC – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive is the first person shooter (FPS) that most characterizes e-sport. Two teams, terrorists and anti-terrorists, are competing against each other. It will not be enough for the players to shoot fast and just, but to be able to play a real team game to surprise the opponent and coordinate their attacks. At the Colmar Esport Show, big teams are expected to compete for the final victory and claim the € 4,000 Cash Prize. The most prestigious games will be broadcast on a big stage.

Tournament rules

General regulation of the LAN


  •     For the 1st team: € 2,500 cash prize
  •     For the 2nd team: 1 000 € cash prize
  •     For the 3rd team: 500 € cash prize
  •     For the 1st team of the Elite Tournament: 5 NH-U12S Noctua coolers
  •     For the 2nd team of the Elite Tournament: 5 NA-HC2 Chromax, White heat sink covers

Full Tournament

Equipment: this tournament is exclusively on the computer; every team must be composed of 5 players (1 substitute possible).

Age: minimum of 12 years (minors must provide a signed parental authorization)

Entry price: € 35 per team player in prepayment via ticketing (the tournament is complete, only additional team members already registered can still register, new registrations will be cancelled). For the eventual accompanist / manager / coach / substitute, the price will be 20€ without PC and 30€ with PC (to be able to connect to the network). All the above entries are valid for the weekend and give access to the entire event and the LAN.

Validation of participation of a team: to block a team slot you must have at least three players pre-paid. All players of the team must have taken their ticket no later than 14/01/2019 14H00.

Accommodation: the event will be closed at night, so it will be imperative to take accommodation (see list of our partners)

Equipment required (it is possible to rent from our partner Scoup Esport):

  • a computer (screen, keyboard, mouse and power cables)
  • an audio headset (+microphone if possible)
  • a multi-press block (you will have a single power output per player to connect to the power grid)
  • an ethernet cable of at least 10 meters
  • one piece of identification (+signed parental authorization)

Provisional Format

4 pools of 4 teams and 4 pools of 3 teams (seeds according to the level known to the teams, and at the discretion of the administrators, will probably be established in order to ensure as much as possible that the so-called best teams do not end up in the same pools).

At the end of the chickens, the first two of each hen will go to a Pro tree and the last two to an elite tree. Both trees will be a looser bracket.

Provisional schedule

Saturday 21 June 2019:

  • 7 am: Doors open to PC players.
  • 10 am: Team briefing
  • 11 am: Launch of the first Games (lunch break during the round of no match))
  • 4 pm: Tree launch
  • 7 pm: Lunch Break
  • 11 PM : Doors close

Sunday 22 June 2019:

  • 8 am: Re-opening of doors for players
  • 9 pm: Resumption of the bracket
  • 12 pm: Lunch break
  • 15 pm : Big Final followed by the award ceremony

Each of the final stages of these tournaments will take place on stage, this one will be equipped with MAXNOMIC gamers seats for optimal comfort!

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